Leather covered wooden E27 lamp holder kit

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Color: Leather
E27 leather covered wooden lamp holder can be used for ceiling, table or wall lamps to assemble. A base made from natural wood, which is covered in high-quality leather to create unique tactile aesthetic. The natural grain and texture of woods adds a warm and rustic feel to the design, while leather covering provides a smooth and luxurious surface that gentle to the touch.
The lamp holder itself is typically designed to accommodate various types of light bulbs and shades, making it versatile option for different decor styles and lightning needs. Whether used as a desk lamp, bedside table lamp, or decorative accent, a leather-covered wooden lamp holder can add a touch of sophistication and style to any room.

You can combine it with our other products, like cables with all kind of colors, lamps or fascinating light bulbs.

More info

Leather covered wooden E27 lamp holder can be used with fabric covered 2x0.75, round and twisted cables.

Height: 65 mm(2.55 inch)
Diameter: 50 mm(1.96 inch)
Upper hole: 10 mm(0.39 inch)

E27 lamp holder holder in smooth thermoplastic, IMQ certified.

Thermoplastic cable clamp, CE certified.