E27 metal lamp holder with 15 cm cable clamp

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Color: Matt white
E27 cylindrical metal lamp holder with 15 cm cable clamp can be used for ceiling, table or wall lamps to assemble. The metal material used in lamp holder provides a reliable and long-lasting solution for these applications, as it can withstand the heat generated by light bulbs and is resistant to wear and tear. It is suitable for use a variety of lighting fixtures including homes, offices and commercial buildings. Long cable clamp could become a decorative and high impact stylistic element.

You can combine it with our other products, like cables with all kind of colors, lamps or fascinating light bulbs.

More info

Technical specifications cylinder lamp holder kit.
Diameter: 42 mm(1.65 inch).
Height: 62 mm(2.44 inch).
Hole diameter: 10 mm(0.39 inch).
Material: metal

Technical specifications round cable clamps.
Cap dimensions: diameter 13 mm - height 150 mm (0.5-5.9 inch)
Cap material: metal.
Threaded tube dimensions: diameter M10x1 - height 15 mm(0.59 inch).
Threaded tube material: metal